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Careers Australia Motor Sport Day

Love the rev of an engine? Do you dream about being a big time race car driver? Well Careers Australia has just the event for you! Careers Australia are holding a Motor Sport Day this Saturday, the 19th of September from 11 AM to 3 PM at their Salisbury campus here at CTC. The event will showcase…Read More

Lifting Skills Fly the Flag

Suicide among construction workers has become a growing concern over the past decade and this year, Lifting Skills, with the support of MATES in Construction are Flying a Flag for the cause. MATES in Construction is a charity that was established in 2008 to reduce the growing level of suicides in the Australian construction industry….Read More

Scaffolding In the Spotlight at CTC

A turnout of 62 people from numerous stakeholder groups attended CTC’s recent Safety Series Seminar on Wednesday, 26th August 2015. This free seminar, as with previous seminars in the series, focused on a high risk activity, discussing the topic of scaffolding. Two industry experts, Stuart Davis and Warren Reddicliffe gave their insight into scaffolding at…Read More

Punching Above Your Weight

I’m old enough to remember when boxing was real legit. The fighters were fit, the purses weren’t outrageously huge and as contests they were classic examples of the best the sport could offer. Sadly the sport is in decline and nowadays crowds seem to be drawn more to UFC and other mixed fighting forms where…Read More

Narrative about the Story

 At CTC we have a long and proud association with the Story Bridge – the beloved structure very much an iconic symbol for Brisbane. I was reminded the other day about blogging and Facebook etc. where the key thing to get across is your narrative. We are all story-tellers, I read, so I thought I might…Read More