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Narrative about the Story

 At CTC we have a long and proud association with the Story Bridge – the beloved structure very much an iconic symbol for Brisbane. I was reminded the other day about blogging and Facebook etc. where the key thing to get across is your narrative. We are all story-tellers, I read, so I thought I might…Read More

Cave Painting in the Digital Age

Our CEO, Phil Diver has written a blog about the emergence of emojis as a means of communicating with millennials.  Like  cavemen and early Egyptians using rock paintings and hieroglyphics to communicate the written language, Phil suggests we’re about to come full circle from back to the earliest forms of written language using an emoji…Read More


Our CEO, Phil Diver has written a post reflecting on our performance in meeting our environment goals and objectives In April last year, I wrote about the environment and our impact upon it when I rather disappointedly found myself, a self-professed ‘greenie’, with an impost on the earth well beyond one person. In fact if…Read More

Nearly 100 People Attend CTC’s Safety Seminar

Nearly 100 people from various stakeholder groups attended CTC’s Safety Series Seminar on Wednesday, 27th May 2015.  The third in a series of safety seminars focusing on high risk activities, the topic this time was working at heights and rope access. Falling from heights is the leading cause of death in the construction industry. It’s three times more common in construction…Read More

CTC welcomes back a familiar face

Today I sat down with Adrian Shackleton who is the new Operations Manager at The Service Trades College Australia. Adrian is a familiar face to CTC because of his previous position with Construction Training Queensland (CTQ), one of our former tenants back in 2007/2008. Adrian is a plumber by trade but has also spent time in the army,…Read More