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Our flag, our voice, our past, our launch

I had a week off recently hence a missing blog. During that time I ‘enjoyed’ a bout of the flu. While that in itself is not really something to enjoy, it did give me a forced period of reflection and the extra time in bed provided the time to finish Orwell’s 1984. Having never read…Read More


Chasing the ambulance that’s carrying the nanny…. Let me start this particular bog by declaring my political leanings … well some anyway. I’m not a neo-right ‘small state at all costs’ sort of guy. I know Hayek, I don’t happen to worship him. But just lately I have been finding myself using the phrase ‘Nanny…Read More

The Market in 2014 – Will we see bears or bulls?

The year just gone was very kind to investors with analysts signing off on 2013 as a pretty good year for the market. So we all should feel happier because anyone with superannuation is an investor of sorts. We sometimes need to console ourselves of that when we are being slugged at the petrol station…Read More

The Story Bridge is closed this weekend

The Story Bridge is closed this weekend for resurfacing work. Did you know the Story Bridge was fabricated by engineering company Evans Deakin at the CTC site in Salisbury? Work commenced in May 1935 and the bridge was officially opened in July 1940, watched by a crowd of 37,000 people. During the height of bridge…Read More