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Beat the heat

With record high temperatures hitting Queensland it is timely to reflect on ways to ‘beat the heat’ and stay safe. At such times there should be no guilt in using air conditioning to create a more habitable environment in the house particularly for the young, elderly and pets. Better still though may be combining an…Read More

Your program, our place

Big issues from 2013

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve.  2013 is about to end and it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened at CTC during the past year. Planning and implementation of Hot Leasing and our first big plant purchase – forklift, scissor-lift and knuckle boom. Getting into the digital world in a big way – realising…Read More

The Construction Training Centre and The Collaboration Economy

Since the GFC there has been a movement that has advocated a more collaborative approach to business. This movement has arisen because of the confluence of a number of factors including Gen Y and Gen Next being more collaborative in their approach (e.g. with social media); the highly competitive approach to business almost brought about…Read More

Welcome to our blog

We’ve created a blog which we hope will enable us to share with our partners what’s new at The Construction Training Centre.  This is an exciting time – there’s lots happening.  The Centre is buzzing – with our office right next to the Café, we see just how many people are now coming to train…Read More