Committee formed to fund-raise for charity

Recently, a number of people raised the idea of forming a committee, with representation from various CTC tenants, that would organise precinct-wide fundraising events. We thought this was a great idea and consequently agreed to sponsor a fundraising/social committee to make it happen.

Staff from three tenants immediately signed up – and with Lynn from CTC, began planning their first event – a fundraiser for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. This cause was suggested by and close to the heart of Germana (from WH&S More Skills).Brain cancer campaign

This first fundraiser will be in the form of a sausage sizzle where we’ll be firing up the barbie, and also selling donuts, beanies and other promotional items to raise money for brain cancer research. Not just for one day, but every day during the week of 15th – 19th August.

Around 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia annually and approximately 1200 die from the disease every year.  Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer.

We think this is a great cause to support and hope there’ll be plenty of CTC workers and students buying a sausage, donut or beanie.

  • Where:  Outside Hot Leasing area (Building 3/4)
  • When:  10:00 – 11:00 am
  • Dates:  Monday, 15th – Friday, 19th August
  • Prices:  Sausage in bread – $2; Donuts – $1; Beanies $5

A big thank you to committee members Germana from WH&S More Skills, Kylie from Lifting Skills, Maria from ASG Integracom and Lynn from CTC . To find out more about CTC’s fundraising committee or to get involved, contact Lynn at

To learn more more about the work of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, visit their website: Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

CTC Tenant Staff Choose a Charity

CTC has a number of food and beverage vending machines around the site which are operated by Coca-Cola Amatil. CTC is paid a commission on the net sales revenue generated by the sale of products from the vending machines.

Each year, CTC pays the entire commission from the vending machines to a charity. The previous charity chosen to receive the commission was Diabetes Queensland an organisation providing education, advice, ongoing support and advocacy to Queenslanders living with diabetes, and those at risk.

This time we wanted to open up the choice of charity to tenant staff to help decide where the proceeds get donated. CTC staff came up with a short-list of five charities from which tenant staff could choose.

The votes are in and tenant staff have chosen Youngcare as the charity who will receive commissions received in the upcoming quarter.

Youngcare’s mission is to help young people avoid admissions to aged care as well as developing viable and replicable models to solve the problem once and for all, giving young people with high care needs the choice in care and accommodation they deserve.

The graph below shows how staff voted.

Charity vote

CTC welcomes back a familiar face

Today I sat down with Adrian Shackleton who is the new Operations Manager at The Service Trades College Australia. Adrian is a familiar face to CTC because of his previous position with Construction Training Queensland (CTQ), one of our former tenants back in 2007/2008.adrian shackleton

Adrian is a plumber by trade but has also spent time in the army, however he has always enjoyed the training and development that is involved in the construction industry.

Coming back to CTC, Adrian expressed his thoughts on the changes between 2008 and now. He said that there are a lot more Registered Training Organisations operating at CTC and the precinct has developed into a real training hub.

Adrian said that the fact that he was familiar with the location and facilities at CTC was an added bonus to his position with The College, along with his acquaintance with CEO Phil Diver.

“It’s nice to welcome Adrian back to CTC as he was here when I first started. I always enjoy welcoming home a familiar face”, Mr Diver said.

Adrian is just as thrilled to be back at CTC as we are to have him.

“It’s a bit like coming home. I am very comfortable here”, Adrian stated.

Adrian said that the partnership between CTC and The Service Trades College is a great, long-standing relationship. He mentioned that a number of his colleagues attend CTC’s fitness programs and are also excited about the upcoming tenant breakfast seminar on SEO Marketing.

“The initiatives and services that CTC offers its tenants are a great way to get involved and also provide opportunities for networking and organisational growth”, Adrian said.

Adrian loves his new position with The Service Trades College. As the Operations Manager he oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of the organisation, manages training and training delivery, ensures that the organisation remains compliant to the Australian Quality Framework Training standards, and ensures the review and improvement of the organisation and what it offers.

Along with his new position at The College, Adrian was also very excited to talk about the new and exciting things that are being introduced within the organisation.

One main initiative is The College’s involvement with Business Information Modelling (BIM). The organisation is incorporating BIM into training delivery, which allows for apprentices to gain real life experience.

The Service Trades College’s training tower is mapped using BIM, which give apprentices the opportunity to view materials and drawings of services, identify clashes between trades, and also reduces delays in operations.

The Plumbers Union Queensland has also delivered another initiative to The College in terms of an extra week of training for apprentices additional to their Certificate III Qualification

The initiative is supported by industry and funded by BERT Queensland, which provides training grants and other assistance for workers in the Queensland building and construction industry.

The extra week of training provides apprentices with life skills, allows for them to become a more valued member of the workforce, and even incorporates the introduction to BIM and other technologies such as Microsoft Office.

All of the feedback about the extra week of training has proven it to be a great success.

Adrian is very enthusiastic and optimistic about the things to come for The Service Trades College and couldn’t be more excited to be back at CTC.

“I am extremely excited to be back at CTC and back working in the training environment and I look forward to meeting and working with industry stakeholders”, he stated.

We are delighted to welcome Adrian back and we are excited to see what is still to come for himself and The Service Trades College.

It’s Onwards and Upwards for WorkSafe Connect

WorkSafe Connect is a Registered Training Organisation that specialises in Occupational Health and Safety training and consultancy.  Their services meet about 90% of clients’ safety and compliance needs and the further 10% is met by bringing in specialists to conduct more practical training. WorkSafe was founded ten years ago in Townsville and expanded to Brisbane about two years ago, finding a home in CTC’s Ian Barclay Building.

WorkSafe offers a broad array of training ranging from online courses to off-site training and then of course the on-site training that is done here at CTC.

Over the past two years, WorkSafe has utilized the facilities at CTC to provide a blend of both technical and practical training in order to ensure safe operations in the workplace.


Recently, WorkSafe Connect moved from the Ian Barclay Building over to Building 1, which they are finding much more central. The organisation’s Commercial Manager Tony Lattin said that they expect the move will open up a lot of doors in regards to exposure and opportunity.

While the team at WorkSafe have thoroughly enjoyed their time at CTC, Tony said that they are a lot happier now that they have made the move to Building 1.

“Building 1 is a lot more central in terms of convenience and it feels a lot more like a training location rather than an office block made into a training location,” he added.

Tony said they are already getting a lot more walk-in enIMGP2088quiries and are feeling a lot more involved in all that goes on at the CTC campus.

WorkSafe Connect first heard of CTC through another Registered Training Organisation and have seen nothing but positive changes since becoming a tenant. WorkSafe also takes full advantage of the Hot Leasing facilities at CTC in order to conduct high-risk courses such as working at heights.

“When you think of CTC, you think of quality. The facilities that are offered here are of huge advantage to our organisation”, Tony stated.

CTC and WorkSafe Connect have formed a great partnership over the past two years. Tony said that the management team at CTC are very easy to get a long with and he really appreciates how flexible they are.

Since the move, WorkSafe Connect are working on some new and exciting initiatives to match their great new location. Such initiatives include new website development in terms of a student management program for pre-course information and post-course follow up of trainees.  They are also working on customizing their learning program to meet the needs of each individual client by determining what adds value to their business.

WorkSafe Connect is also a part of the User Choice space, which is a training program funded by the Queensland Government that outlines the specific training that is required in today’s economy.

Tony says that the team at WorkSafe are really happy with their new location and he is very optimistic about things to come. The management team at CTC are delighted to hear such positive feedback and look forward to continuing such a rewarding partnership.

For more information on WorkSafe Connect’s innovative training and assessment solutions please visit

It’s Not Just a Man’s Game

IMGP2014Today I had a chat with Aleea Zannier, a fourth year carpentry apprentice who is currently undergoing training with CTC tenant, BIGA Training. Aleea is the only female apprentice in her block, so I was interested to find out about her experience working in the trade so far. Before getting into carpentry, Aleea worked in landscaping. The change came because she always loved building things and a future in construction was more desirable.

Currently Aleea is employed by Building and Asset Services, which is a Government department. This is her first time at CTC and says the Campus has made a great first impression. She likes that the classrooms are smaller so it feels like it’s just you and the teacher. She says she prefers CTC to her previous training centre as it allows for a more personal learning experience. Aleea loves that there is plenty of parking, enjoys the food at the café, and is happy with the campus style layout of the precinct.

As construction is mostly dominated by males, Aleea is yet to work with another female in her trade. However, she was never overly concerned about working only with men. Aleea’s initial concerns were just nerves about starting a new job but now that she has settled in she really loves it. She has never really had any difficulties being a female in a male dominated industry; she states that everyone she has worked with has been really great. Aleea doesn’t feel she is treated differently for being a woman in a negative way at all, if anything she thinks she sometimes gets it a little easier than some male apprentices which she can’t complain about.

Aleea says that her only real struggle has been getting through the academic component of her apprenticeship.

“I just prefer working with men. Things seem to run a bit smoother with simple solutions to problems and no drama”, she stated.

Taking a broader outlook, Aleea said that problems will always arise in the industry where women aren’t taken seriously – especially by male clientele. However, when it comes to female clientele, they are naturally more inclined to consult another female when in need of trade services.

“A female is more likely to take her car to a female mechanic”, Aleea gave as an example.

All in all, Aleea hasn’t faced too many hard times throughout her apprenticeship but thinks that things may have been a little different if she wasn’t working for a government-run organisation.

Aleea is in her last year of her apprenticeship and would love to work for a private company specialising in home renovations once she is finished. It is clear that Aleea loves what she does, has a great attitude, and is a prime example of why women really can do anything. We couldn’t be more delighted to have her here at CTC.

2014 in Review

Staff 2014 low res (-Jackie)Well, it’s New Year’s Eve.  2014 is about to end and it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened at CTC during the past year.

  1. We implemented Hot Leasing – CTC’s most significant capital expense since the refurbishment of the site.
  2. Hot Leasing was launched on 29 April by the Minister for Education, Training & Employment, Hon John Paul Langbroek.
  3. We used the occasion to celebrate 20 years in business.
  4. We got into the digital world in a big way – realising the potential of communicating with our stakeholders through social media and e-newsletters.
  5. We launched a new website in June.
  6. We welcomed three new staff (Carolyn Mather, Lynn Starkey-Neate and Odette Andrew) and farewelled Tanya Kimber and Jackie Cross.
  7. We hosted a PR intern Brett Loccisano from Griffith University who helped with our digital marketing and public relations activities.
  8. We welcome new interstate tenants – Foresite Training and CE Training among others.
  9. Some tenants increased their footprint – WH&S More Skills, Lifting Skills and Worksafe Connect.
  10. We launched the CTC Safety Series with a breakfast seminar about Swing Stage Safety.
  11. Careers Australia Institute of Training built 8 new classrooms in a 2-storey block within their Building 4 tenancy to accommodate their expansion in training.
  12. We made another profit for the 2013/14 financial year.
  13. We continued our precinct-wide worker health and well-being program known as “Healthy Inside & Out”, with support from the Queensland Government.
  14. We overhauled electricity switchboards, disconnection of unused cabling, updating safety switches and ensuring all metering is correct.
  15. All floodlights around the precinct were replaced with latest LED energy efficient technology.
  16. Two main transformers to the site were serviced and overhauled.
  17. New switchboard and cabling to Building 6 was installed.
  18. $200,000 damage sustained during a severe thunderstorm in November.
  19. We commenced the Paperless Office Project with the aim of reducing our paper usage by 75% by the end of 2015.

Click the link to see a pictorial of the year in review.

The whole team at CTC thanks for your support during 2014.  It’s been a great year and we look forward to working with our tenants, Hot Leasing and Training Room Hire customers and other stakeholders to make 2015 the most successful year yet!


Cleanup continues after the storm

It’s been nearly a week since the storm hit Salisbury last Thursday where winds reaching 140 km/hr caused significant damage across the precinct.  Tony and the maintenance team have been hard at work repairing damage to buildings where they can, removing trees blown over in the cyclonic winds and cleaning up debris across the site.  The insurance assessor has visited, and contractors have been contacted to arrange repairs.  With so much damage across Brisbane, it may be some time before we are back to normal.  We appreciate the support and patience shown by our tenants and customers as well deal with the clean-up.

By now all the damage has been identified (see list below).  No building was left unscathed, and our focus has been on repairs to ensure the continued safety and security for people and businesses who operate out of the centre.

We think this video demonstrates why there was so much damage!

10, Lifting Skills

  • Water damage to plasterboard, ceilings and light fittings, carpets, some computers.
  • Holes in southern facia board due to hail damage.
  • Power has been isolated at the main switchboard by our electrician.

 Ian Barclay Building

  • CTC office door, glass broken and damage to door closer.
  • Door closer on western end of Ian Barclay Building requires adjustment or replacement.
  • Water damage to ceiling in foyer and security camera.
  • Café shade awning stabilizer cables damaged.

Building 1

  • Trim on Biga sign insecure, has been taken down to make safe but needs to be re-installed.
  • Smoking area awning has become detached and requires reinstalling. Damage has been found, large hole in awning.
  • Damage to paintwork on portico western end.
  • Large gates to Building 1 centre area damaged.
  • Two power tools have been water damaged, they have been tagged “out-of-service”.

Building 3

  • Water in new classroom, carpets  very wet.
  • Damage to one desk and a storage cupboard.
  • Gutter hanging down on western end corner, CTC maintenance has refitted it to make safe.
  • Some insulation between buildings has fallen down due to water saturation
  • Damage to awning, 1 hole found.

Building 4

  • Slight water damage to some ceiling tiles and one light fitting had water in it.
  • Power had to be isolated early morning due to reports of smoke.
  • Damage to paintwork on portico’s.

Building 7

  • Damage to ground floor office carpets, built-in office furniture.

Curlew Room

  • Broken window, has been boarded up.
  • Internal blinds damaged.
  • Shade cloth on windows damaged. 

Building 6

  • Fence down, requires repair and reinstalling.
  • Water damage to 2  computers in western end office.
  • Drains are clogged due to excess  runoff from neighbouring properties, they will require pressure blasting.

Building 9. BLP

  • Broken window
  • Wet carpets in various areas
  • Power had to be isolated due to water in some light fittings
  • Antenna damaged and light fitting broken rear outside eating area.

Blue Storage shed (BERT)

  • Updated-Gutter damaged and hanging loose.


  • Several trees down and damage to concrete garden eding on Beaudesert Road frontage
  • Tree down by Ian Barclay Building staff car park
  • Tree down on border between school and CTC. We need to contact new owners to be made safe. May damage fence between properties.


  • Several vehicles suffered hail damage.


Careers Australia named Large Training Provider of the Year

HotmanCongratulations to CTC tenant, Careers Australia who was named the state’s ‘Large Training Provider of the Year’ at the Queensland Training Awards at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 22 September.

The Queensland Training Awards recognise and reward the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations within the vocational education and training sector who strive for excellence, best practice and innovation.  CTC was proud to sponsor the Large Training Provider of the Year award, which is the state’s highest recognition in the industry.

We were delighted when it was announced that Careers Australia had won the award in recognition of it’s outstanding contribution to the delivery of vocational education and training in Queensland.

Careers Australia Managing Director, Patrick McKendry, said the award was another milestone in the organisation’s success story, as it continues to expand across Queensland and Australia.

“This award is a testament to the hard work and professionalism of our staff and trainers, who have embraced Careers Australia’s commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement,” Mr McKendry said.

Other nominees for the Queensland ‘Large Training Provider of the Year’ award were Construction Skills Training Centre (CSTC) and TAFE Queensland Gold Coast.

To find out more about courses offered by Careers Australia, visit their website at

The Construction Training Centre adds new interstate tenant; Foresite Training

ForesitePictureThe latest interstate tenant to join the CTC precinct is Foresite Training. Foresite Training, which commenced in 2006, is an industrial training provider with four established locations in Victoria.

Now with both Onsite Recruitment and Arbortrim under the Foresite umbrella, the company has grown to 55 staff.

Foresite CEO James Maund joined the business in Christmas of 2012 and said the success of Foresite in Victoria prompted the move interstate, with CTC becoming the business’s first site in Queensland.

“We have grown to a certain size in Victoria and have been looking for a new location. Brisbane seemed to be a good opportunity”, Mr Maund said.

Foresite’s decision to move to CTC arose from a drive through Salisbury.

“I came up here to Brisbane to look for a site, and I was driving up and down Beaudesert Road and I saw The Construction Training Centre. I thought one RTO has got themselves a very impressive site there and when I go back to Melbourne, I must check online to see who it is. When I got back I saw there were in fact many RTOs located at CTC.”

For Mr Maund the flexibility of being able to take additional space, if or when the business needs it, is a one of the positives of being at CTC.

Foresite Training maintains a specialist focus and a deep understanding of the needs of employers in industry. Their current services are:

  • Certificate programs in civil and other construction programs, driving operations and warehousing operations
  • Victoria Roads accredited heavy vehicle training and licensing from light rigid to multi-combination
  • Earthmoving training and assessment including excavator, bulldozer, skid steer (bobcat), front end loader, backhoe loader and roller
  • High Risk Work training and licensing including forklift, elevated work platform (above 11m)

Mr Maund’s background in labour hire and recruitment as well as the significant number of skilled people completing programs with Foresite, drove the establishment of Onsite Recruitment in early 2013.

OnSite Recruitment represents an innovative model in labour hire, combining recruitment with training, development and assessment. The business places skilled personnel having fully verified their competency in specialist training and licensing centres. With a full range of plant and machinery they are able to assess the ability in a work simulated environment

As well as Onsite, Foresite Training created Arbortrim, a specialised arboriculture training provider, in what Mr Maund describes as a ‘niche’ in the industry.

Arbortrim provides certificate programs as well as providing a range of short courses including chainsaw, chemical usage, working around power lines and first aid.

For more information on Foresite Training visit:

OnSite Recruitment: Arbortrim:

WorkSafe Connect Doubles its Capacity at CTC

EWP Worksafe Connect resizedIn response to continued demand to deliver a full suite of high risk work licensing courses, short courses and qualifications, we are pleased to announce that WorkSafe Connect has doubled its onsite training capacity at CTC.

Worksafe Connect’s Managing Director, Des Smith said the ongoing expansion into the South East Queensland market strengthens their ability to offer accessible and flexible training of the highest standard throughout Queensland.

“CTC has always been home to our Brisbane operations and we had no hesitation in increasing our footprint.  CTC is a state of the art training facility and due to CTC’s ongoing commitment to offer facilities of the highest quality, our clients receive the best possible training experience,” Des said.

WorkSafe Connect is a Queensland based Registered Training Organisation that specialises in Work Health and Safety (WHS) training and consultancy. Offering a unique blend of both technical and practical experience, WorkSafe Connect has established itself throughout Australia as an industry leader in the provision of WHS training, WHS risk management and WHS compliance support. Servicing all industry sectors including government, resource, construction and manufacturing with quality training and safety advisory services, WorkSafe Connect assists these industries to develop and maintain high quality personnel and practices in the workplace.

Asbestos Removal Worksafe Connect“With fully-equipped training facilities in the strategic centres of Brisbane and Townsville, WorkSafe Connect has the ability to provide training solutions to our Queensland and national clients”, Des Smith said.

“Importantly, it has been the commitment by CEO Phil Diver and his team at CTC of providing outstanding facilities that has enabled WorkSafe Connect to continue to expand.  We have a reputation for delivering training for the real world and CTC’s facilities ensure that we continue to strengthen this reputation”, Des added.

Following this recent expansion, WorkSafe Connect will offer its full range of training courses including its full suite of High Risk Work Licensing courses, GIQ Coal, G2 Risk Management, QMS 123 Site Supervisor and Safety Representative, Accident Investigation, Working Safely at Heights, Confined Space Worker and Supervisor and Remove Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos.

For more information regarding WorkSafe Connect and its full training calendar, please visit their website or call 07 4728 9866.