Commitment to Asset Management & Facility

The Construction Training Centre (CTC) is a world-class training facility and resource hub for the building and construction industry.

Our tenants, partners, workers, and staff are part of an industry-based community that benefits from direct access to progressive, world-class training facilities and equipment. We actively facilitate partnerships for future collaboration among the community and encourage the shared utilisation of specialist resources to maximise potential and minimise wastage.

We are committed to providing a framework for the lifecycle management of our assets to help make informed decisions to maximise useful lives, improve efficiencies and safety. We achieve this by preserving and optimising our assets in the most cost-effective way and operating an effective Asset Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 55001:2014 (Asset Management) – (BSI Certificate No. AMS 723103).

Our primary facility management goal is to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services to ensure the business continuity of our tenants. We achieve this by providing a facility that is safe, secure, clean and well-maintained. Our Facility Management System meets the requirements of ISO 41001:2018 (Facility Management) – (BSI Certificate No. FS 569652)

This is your assurance that CTC is committed to excellence, quality and best practice and that we are regularly subject to rigorous, independent assessments to ensure that we comply with stringent management system standards.