Read our Annual Report

On behalf of the Board and Management of The Construction Training Centre, I am pleased to present the Annual Report for 2016/2017.


Read our Annual Report

On behalf of the Board and Management of The Construction Training Centre, I am pleased to present the Annual Report for 2014/2015.

A $498,000 profit was returned which is an increase of 83% over the previous financial year.

This result reflects the good governance of our Board and executive management team. The general economic climate is still challenging and the industrial leasing sector continues to face head winds as excess capacity and sluggish demand continues to depress rental yields.

That said, CTC’s move to a more collaborative approach is proving its worth as we have maintained and renewed the vast majority of tenants by being flexible to meet their changing needs.

Despite being a not for profit company, it is important that we maintain profitability so we can meet our capital replacement needs and build the sinking fund for the long-term replacement of the built assets.

CTC can attribute a good deal of its success to strong governance from the Board of Directors and a stable and effective leadership team which places a premium on setting a strong foundation of quality, safety, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and creativity. It is this passion that creates the special “feel” that is CTC and continues to be recognised as a vibrant industry hub.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and this year for the first time we will not be printing the annual report, distributing it in digital format instead. Recognising there is still a carbon cost in producing this report, we will plant a tree for each of the reports we might otherwise have printed.

Peter Lyons, Chairman

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2013/2014 Annual Report available now

The Construction Training Centre’s Annual Report for 2013/14 is available now for download.

In his Chairman’s Report, Peter Lyons describes how once again a sound financial result was achieved while building on the realignment of the business to better meet the needs of industry.

“With the re-alignment of the business in 2012/13 behind us, 2013/2014 saw CTC implement the Hot Leasing initiative which has been subject to much discussion in the period leading up to its launch,” Mr Lyons said.

“CTC set out to open a world-class high-risk work licensing training centre based on the concept of collaborative consumption.  This is where CTC assumes the capital risks associated with the delivery of an RTO’s High Risk Work Licence and Safety training by providing and maintaining the plant, equipment and facilities required, and hiring these assets out on a short-term flexible basis to multiple users.”

“We realised our goal on 29th April when the Minister for Education, Training & Employment, Hon. John-Paul Langbroek launched Hot Leasing.  The launch coincided with CTC’s 20th anniversary – the double celebration acknowledging CTC’s commitment to providing leading-edge training facilities that enable us to connect with a larger number of training organisations than those who have a permanent tenancy with us,” Mr Lyons continued.

Other highlights describe how we refreshed the CTC brand during 2013/14 and launched a new website to reflect CTC as a vibrant training hub for industry.  The by-line “everything that any organisation or individual worker could need to conduct, or participate in, specialist industry training … in one place” was rolled out via various digital marketing channels during the year.

It has been a very creditable performance in 2013/14 and one in which the industry should take a lot of pride as well.  The Centre is increasingly positioned to achieve its mission of “equipping people with the skills they need for the future, to develop the Queensland building and construction industry with the highest quality workforce and specialist knowledge.”

“I commend this report to you and encourage you to engage with us through our digital channels as we continue to provide added value to the Industry”, Mr Lyons said.

Download the annual report here:  2013/2014 Annual Report

Read the audited Financial Results here:  Audited Accounts 2013-14