CTC’s “Whole-hearted-you” is award-winning!

CTC was recognised at the 2016 Queensland Safe Work & Return to Work Awards at a gala breakfast on 18th October winning the Best workplace & wellbeing initiative for its “Whole-hearted-you” program.

CTC’s health and well-being initiative known as “Whole-hearted-you” was developed to assist our own staff and enable tenants to provide programs to improve the health and well-being of their staff. CTC’s 30+ tenants are mostly small business operators who don’t have the wherewithal to provide such opportunities to their staff. This allows not only CTC staff to benefit from the programs we have initiated but also provides tenant’s employees the opportunity to participate in initiatives generally only available to the ‘bigger end of town’  because they can be expensive and time-consuming to run.

A lot of thought was put into the concept that underlies “Whole-hearted-you” – wanting to focus on the whole person and not only the physical aspect. “Whole-hearted you” includes five elements: mind, body, soul, self and heart. When all five are in balance there is the prospect of wholeheartedness.

The strapline “Whole-hearted-you” was created to embrace this philosophy. Activities offered to support our tenant workers to live and function at their best include:

To increase physical activity:
A fully equipped onsite gymnasium that is available 24/7 to eligible tenant staff – annual membership $60
Free weekly group fitness sessions led by a qualified fitness instructor
Free weekly boxing fit sessions led by a qualified fitness instructor
Showers, lockers, bicycle racks to encourage physical activity

To maintain a healthy weight:
Free Bioscan body measurements
Free Friday Blood Pressure checks
Scales provided in the gym

To improve social and emotional wellbeing:
Dedicated website/social media presence featuring healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, advice and encouragement
Onsite Mindfulness training paid for by CTC
Dedicated meditation room
Free seated massages available to tenant staff
Extensive lending library of health and lifestyle books and magazines
Monthly lunchtime lectures on range of management and wellbeing topics
Employee Assistance Program – CTC staff only

To eat healthier:
On-site café with healthy food options
Kilojoule calculations (done by nutritionist) displayed for all food sold by café

To quit smoking:
FLiCK-OFF – quit smoking program in conjunction with QuitLine.

To stay healthy:
Free annual skin, flu jabs and hearing tests
Sun Smart stations providing free sunscreen and application advice

To find out more about “Whole-hearted-you”, visit our website www.buildfitness.me.

Healthy Employees, Healthy Business

Today CTC conducted free flu vaccinations as a part of the company’s Worker Well-Being Program. The Worker Well-Being Program, called Healthy Inside and Out was initiated to improve the health and well-being of all employees on the CTC site.

Today a nurse set up in the campus first aid room and provided employees from across the precinct with their free flu vaccinations. Although it is very rare for people to actually enjoy needles, workers seem to be walking out with smiles on their faces – although that might have something to do with the free lollipop at the end!IMGP2019

The flu shots are provided by Wesley Health Promotion, who also conducted routine skin checks for us last month. According to Wesley, the influenza virus causes 3 to 7 sick days on average, at a cost of $160 – $240 per day. CTC is taking an active role in trying to reduce this number by offering this free service to our tenants’ staff.

Not only does this initiative benefit the organisation by reducing the level of lost productivity and cost of sick pay, it also benefits the employees by encouraging a happier, healthier lifestyle. It could also stop CTC CEO Phil Diver from coming down with another case of the ‘man flu’!

The team at CTC are constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the health of employees. In fact, just over lunch today Phil mentioned his plan to add more greenery to the office in order to enhance the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). It is a simple truth that a high IEQ will improve the health, comfort, and productivity of employees.

It is important for an organisation to make a conscious effort to keep its employees healthy. Healthy employees mean a healthy business; the lower the number of sick days that employees have to take, the higher the level of productivity in the business.

CTC’s Healthy Inside and Out Initiative encourages employees to accept care that they may not normally make the effort to do so outside of the workplace. After the skin checks that were conducted last month, it turned out that two tenant staff needed to seek immediate follow-up attention by their GP in order to prevent anything more serious from developing. It is a relieving thought that CTC provides such services that can make a significant improvement to the health of employees across the precinct.

In starting the Health and Well-being Program and encouraging its growth, CTC will continue to be a healthy and happy place to work.

For more information on the Healthy Inside and Out Initiative, please visit http://ctc.qld.edu.au/ctc-healthy-inside/.