About The Construction Training Centre

The Construction Training Centre is the trading name of CISC Pty Ltd.  CISC Pty Ltd is the trustee for the Queensland Construction Industry Skill Centre Fund.  It has two shareholders – the Director General of Education & Training representing the Queensland Government and the Queensland Construction Training Fund (QCTF) representing the Queensland construction industry.

Our vision:

  •  “building skill solutions”

Our mission:

  • The Construction Training Centre equips people with the skills they need for the future, to develop the Queensland building and construction industry with the highest quality workforce and specialist knowledge.

The Construction Training Centre values:

  • Strengthen our community
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Committed partnerships
  • Managerial best practice
  • Sound governance
  • Innovation and leadership

Care for the community

The Construction Training Centre plays a significant role in the community and each year supports a number of charities, which have included the  Ardoch Youth Foundation, Endeavour Foundation, BeyondBlue and Mates in Construction.

CTC is proud to support MATES in Construction which is a community development organisation aimed at reducing suicide and improving mental health and wellbeing within the Australian Construction industry.

MATES in Construction is all about MATES helping MATES – MATES in Construction is an industry led approach to an industry problem.

Care for the environment

CTC shares the common concern about the environment and the need to address issues of climate change. The challenges of the future can only be met if each individual and each organisation takes measures to reduce its environmental impact and its own carbon footprint.BSI Assurance Mark ISO 14001 CMYK

CTC is certified to the requirements of international environmental standard ISO14001-2004 which demonstrates our commitment to improved environmental performance wherever it can be achieved in our business activities.

CTC is a sustainability focused organisation. We do what we can, mainly at a micro-level to address climate change and reduce waste. Did you know for example that we have:

  • Waterless urinals;
  • A water efficiency plan that reduces water consumption;
  • A solar array;
  • Introduced the use of heat reflectant paint;
  • Offset the carbon footprint of our website;
  • Offset all business flights;
  • A fully diesel company fleet;
  • A carbon neutral office and CTC Café as a result of sustained tree planting;
  • Toner cartridge and paper recycling;
  • Light sensors in variable traffic hallways; and
  • A major collaborative consumption initiative about to launch.

Our Hot Leasing project is a major new initiative which came about as a result of our focus on sustainability. The notion of having assets lying idle is one which is wasteful. By CTC making them available for all to use negates the need for more to be purchased that will lie idle a good deal of the time. The embodied energy of our steel structures and the concrete of our wonderfully named flexible training platform, the MMAP (Multi-modal assessment platform), will be made available for many (maybe over 30) Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to use.

Were we not bringing Hot Leasing to the market then this could mean up to 30 such structures all being fabricated and installed only to spend much of their time idle. Hot Leasing by this equation is an energy divider by a factor of 30.  We will be working hard on making the Hot Leasing area a carbon neutral training facility. It may be Hot but it doesn’t need artificial cooling!


CTC supports a number of strategically important events which are reviewed on an annual basis.  These include the sponsorship of:



Annual Reports

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