Company Profile

The Construction Training Centre in Salisbury is dedicated to furthering the development of the Queensland building and construction industry. Since 1994 it has continued to grow and diversify to meet the progressive needs of the industry, and a well respected ‘resource hub’ and community for the people and organisations within the industry has evolved.

Our vision:

  •  “building skill solutions”

Our mission:

  • To enable people to acquire the skills they need for the future and to develop the Queensland building & construction industry with the highest quality workforce.

Our values:

  • Strengthening our training community
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Committed partnerships
  • Sound governance & managerial best practice
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Stewardship of the environment
  • Promotion of a safety culture

Only through collaboration among all our stakeholders and progressive leadership will the centre continue to thrive and achieve our mission.

The Construction Training Centre is the trading name of CISC Pty Ltd.  CISC Pty Ltd is the trustee for the Queensland Construction Industry Skill Centre Fund.  It has two shareholders – the Director General of Education & Training representing the Queensland Government and the Queensland Construction Training Fund (QCTF) representing the Queensland construction industry.

Care for the community

The Construction Training Centre plays a significant role in the community and each year supports a number of charities.

CTC is proud to support MATES in Construction which is a community development organisation aimed at reducing suicide and improving mental health and wellbeing within the Australian Construction industry. MATES in Construction is an industry led approach to an industry problem.

CTC has a number of food and beverage vending machines around the site which are operated by Coca-Cola Amatil. CTC is paid a commission on the net sales revenue generated by the sale of products from the vending machines. Each year, CTC pays the entire commission from the vending machines to a charity which is voted for by tenants.  Charities who have so far benefited from these commissions include Diabetes Queensland and Youngcare.

Other charities supported by CTC in the past include Endeavour Foundation, BeyondBlue, White Ribbon, and Mates in Construction.

Care for the Environment

The Construction Training Centre shares a common concern about the environment and the need to address issues of climate change. The challenges of the future can only be met if each individual and each organisation takes measures to reduce its environmental impact and its own carbon footprint.

CTC is certified to the requirements of international environmental standard ISO14001-2004, demonstrating our commitment to improved environmental performance wherever it can be achieved in our business activities. We are a sustainability focused organisation. We do what we can, mainly at a micro-level to address climate change and reduce waste.

An example of this is our partnership with Carbon Neutral, a reforestation offset organisation, in support of its Plant-a-Tree Program. Since 2014, we have planted 5,000 trees to render our Hot Leasing program carbon neutral and to make a true difference to the environment’s sustainability.

Trees planted through the Plant-a-Tree program will help to reduce carbon emissions, salinity and erosion, provide habitat for wildlife and improve water quality.

In one of the world’s biodiversity ‘hotspots’ and through supporting this program The Construction Training Centre is helping to regenerate and protect this incredible natural wealth.

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The Construction Training Centre supports a number of strategically important events which are reviewed on an annual basis.  These include the sponsorship of:

  • CFMEU Apprentice Awards
  • Safe Work & Return to Work Awards

Annual Reports

The route to longevity is through resilience and there is no greater example of this business truism than the situation that confronted CTC in the 2016/17 financial year. Despite the challenges of losing one of our largest tenants, the team responded with a positive mindset and energy and the long-term impacts to the Precinct have been generally ameliorated.

That said, losing such a significant tenant in a campus like CTC is a major blow and there have been some implications with restructuring, reconfiguring our service provision and some consequent redundancies to assure the economic viability of the organisation not only for the short-term, but also with the longer-term in mind.

The upside of the loss of a major tenant has been the arrival of new tenants and existing tenant expansion. We therefore face our future with much optimism.

With regard to our financial performance it is pleasing that again we have recorded a profit despite the challenges that we confronted as the financial year drew to its close. The full impacts are being felt more substantially in the new financial year but we are well placed now to move forward.

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