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The Construction Training Centre in Salisbury is dedicated to furthering the development of the Queensland building and construction industry. Since 1994 it has continued to grow and diversify to meet the progressive needs of the industry, and a well respected ‘resource hub’ and community for the people and organisations within the industry has evolved.

Only through collaboration among all our stakeholders and progressive leadership will the centre continue to thrive and achieve our mission.

The Construction Training Centre is the trading name of CISC Pty Ltd. CISC Pty Ltd is the trustee for the Queensland Construction Industry Skill Centre Fund. It has two shareholders – the Director General of Education & Training representing the Queensland Government and the Queensland Construction Training Fund (QCTF) representing the Queensland construction industry.

Our Vision is “building skill solutions”.

Our Mission is to enable people to acquire the skills they need for the future and to develop the Queensland building & construction industry with the highest quality workforce.

Purpose-built training facilities

Flexible training facilities that can be
tailored to meet your needs.

State of the art practical facilities

A wide range of specialist equipment
& facilities available for high risk work
license training.

Dynamic industry hub

Access a wide range of resources
& contacts with more than
20 registered training organisations
delivering a range of cources.

Large Campus Style Facilities

12ha site makes CTC the only destination
for all your training needs.

Only 11 km from the Brisbane CBD

With ample free off-street parking & easy
access to public transport links.

Vibrant on-site cafe

Alfresco dining as well as in-room
catering options.

Our Rich History


Engineering firm Evans Deakin occupied the current site in Salisbury where they fabricated the iconic Story Bridge in large workshops, most of which are still standing today

For Queenslanders, the Evans Deakin name is synonymous with the Story Bridge which spans the Brisbane River. On the very CTC site where CTC stands, the Story Bridge was built at a cost of £1.15 million. It took 5 years to complete and was officially opened in July 1940, watched by a crowd of 37,000 people.


CISC Pty Ltd was created with two founders

A charitable trust was founded as a joint initiative of the QLD Government & QLD construction industry with the intention of researching sites to develop a potential training centre.


The former Evans Deakin site in Salisbury purchased for $4m and the Queensland construction industry had its training centre

The purpose of this new centre, which would operate under the name “The Construction Training Centre” or “CTC” was to service the building & construction industry, by providing high quality training in a real work environment.


$19m spent refurbishing buildings to enable high quality training for the construction industry


Centre significantly transformed when new office block built & opened as the Ian Barclay Building


Revision of the VET system presented an opportunity to operate on a fully commercial business

In 2004, a rethink of the VET system presented an opportunity to review the government’s position in relation to CTC. If CTC was ever going to be successful, it needed to operate on a fully commercial basis. A proposal was drafted that would see CTC as self-sufficient and importantly, generate a “training dividend” that would enable the centre to grow and expand. The solution was based around the concept that all tenants would pay a full commercial rental, not one simple based on cost recovery.


CTC delivered its first training & employment programs for long term unemployed & young people

During the pre-GFC period when the labour market reflected full employment, the ability to attract workers to the building and construction industry was regarded as vitally necessary to deliver the ambitious infrastructure programs. Aside from this ‘dividend’ for industry, CTC’s employment programs focused on employment outcomes for long-term unemployed and other under-represented groups, including young people.


Massive downturn caused by GFC saw the development of a new strategic plan


CTC played a significant role assisting the community recover from devastating floods in January 2011 delivering 13 flood recovery projects

After the devastating floods of January 2011, CTC played a significant role in assisting the community to get back on its feet. Displaced workers and long-term unemployed people joined forces with construction tradespeople to refurbish sporting club-houses that had been completely inundated in the floods. As a result, they quickly restored their ability to earn income and therefore remain viable to the workforce. Debris was cleared from many locations, including rural properties in the Brisbane Valley after the flooding swept through.


A change in the State Government in 2011 saw the cessation of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative. This, together with the departure of some key tenants, necessitated a rethink to our service offerings.

CTC had delivered 50 training & employment programs since 2005 under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative. This initiative provided 600 long term unemployed people with paid employment & new work skills, whilst also benefitting the community enormously. Massive improvements were made to infrastructure in various schools, parks and sporting clubs just to name a few.


The rethink offered the opportunity to refocus the business with a new “collaboration leasing” model for RTO’s delivering high risk work license training.

Central to the collaboration leasing model was the development of a concept called “Hot Leasing”. This means that CTC can now absorb the capital expenditure and idling risk, so RTO’s can deliver training in state-of-the-art facilities on a pay as they use basis, offering them great value for money.


“Hot Leasing” was launched by the Minister for Education & Training, Hon. John Paul Langbroek

The eastern end of Building 3 & 4 was repurposed with >$.5m spent on installing facilities & infrastructure to enable high risk work license training.


The first of a series of quarterly seminars were delivered free to industry which focused on a range of topics relevant to the construction and training industry.


CTC adds value to the landlord/tenant relationship with the launch of a worker well-being initiative known as “Whole-hearted-you”


Launch of “Build Fitness” – a 24/7 gym available to all workers at CTC

“Build Fitness” was created as part of CTC’s commitment to add value to the traditional tenant/landlord relationship. This scheme was implemented to improve health and decrease the many risks associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.


Coming full circle: “Constructionarium” builds a scaled version of the Story Bridge at CTC

A scaled replica of the Story Bridge was built by graduate engineers at the very site the original was built, back in the 1930s. It took just 5 days, and has been standing ever since as a reminder of CTC’s history and its service to the industry both past and present.


Like all businesses, CTC is impacted by the devastating affects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

In accordance with Queensland Government guidelines, CTC remained open as an "essential service" with increased hygiene control, signage and physical distancing measures in place to protect everyone working at or visiting the precinct.

The Precinct

The Construction Training Centre is located on a 12-hectare site in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury. We have a range of purpose-built construction training facilities available for lease and also short term hire. We have a building stock of 11 where a range of training activities take place. The site is structured around a busy central precinct, creating a campus-style hub of activity.

The Buildings

Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4: These large segregated, but inter-connected, re-furbished open-plan workshops house a mixture of leasing tenants and short-term hire space and equipment. They are 9-14 metre high structures with 7 high roll steel shutters. The Hot Leasing facility, brand new in 2014 is located in Building 3 and 4, and also attached to these buildings is a single story office area with classrooms and amenities.

Building 6: High bay (10 meters) web steel portal frame workshop area with attached single-story office accommodation. Buildings 7, 8: High bay, timber frame and truss workshop with high roll steel shutter. Two level office accommodation and connected amenities. Building 9: Pre-fabricated single level office accommodation. Building 10: Single level workshop with associated office/teaching area. Ian Barclay Building: This the main building in the centre of the precinct; an architecturally designed 3 levels office block housing a conference facility and café built in 2001. Other: There are a number of smaller training buildings and demountables across the site. The precinct is bounded by Orrcon Steel workshops to the rear of the property, by Rocky Water Holes Creek to the North and Brisbane Christian College to the South.

On Site Cafe

Our cafe offers a delicious menu with an emphasis on fresh, hearty, nutritious food, made in-house. The Cafe can cater for your dietary needs whether it's for a small meeting with sandwiches to a much larger function in one of our training or conference rooms. Call 0425 816 924 to organise your catering.