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Hot Leasing - CTC's High Risk Training Venue

Hot Leasing is a cutting edge High Risk Work Licence and Safety training initiative that the Construction Training Centre launched in 2014.

Through Hot Leasing, CTC assumes the capital risks associated with the delivery of an RTO’s High Risk Work Licence and Safety training by providing and maintaining the plant, equipment and facilities required, and hiring these assets out on a short-term flexible basis to multiple users.

This is a significant game changer for the industry as it removes two huge barriers to entry for RTOs; the need to have a lease and the need to buy capital equipment. No longer does an RTO delivering short-course training have to make large investments in assets that can lay idle for significant periods of time. Hot Leasing is flexible, and affordable, allowing RTOs to concentrate on what they do best – delivering quality training.

The Hot Leasing facilities are state-of-the-art, having been designed specifically to cater for High Risk Work Licence and Construction Safety training providers. Your students will be trained on industry leading facilities, with the added benefits of being part of a campus-style location. The experience for Hot Leasing RTOs is that the space feels like their own when delivering their training programmes, and their students recognise their organisation to be the best at what they do.

Governed by a simple licence agreement and fees paid on a “pay as you go” basis, RTOs can build a business without the concern of getting a return on capital investment from the outset.

Hot Leasing provides a range of training options including two 6m height structures for working at heights & rope access training; simulators (Confined Space and Asbestos); Elevated Work Platforms (EWP – Genie Knuckle Boom and Scissor Lift), Forklift; Materials Hoist; Swing Stage, Scaffolding and Telco Tower.

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Your program – Our place

Use our place so you can concentrate on what you do best without the costly burden of acquiring costly plant & equipment.

Flexible, short-term hire of world class training facilities

Plan your courses around your own schedule and only pay for the time you use with no lock-in contract.

Impress your customers

The wide range of equipment & facilities available is “best in class” for high risk work license training.

Large Campus Style Facilities

Campus-style location with high class amenities and the ability to collaborate with other RTO’s.

Highly realistic

A realistic alternative to on-site training providing a safer, more convenient training experience.

Industry endorsed & Government certified

Peace of mind that plant & equipment is safe, compliant and aligns with industry standards.

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To make an enquiry about any of the specialist training equipment or rooms that you have seen on the website, simply take a moment to complete the enquiry form, and one of our reservations team will respond within 24 hours. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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