Swing Stage

3 Metre wide, twin motor swing stage with needles and scaffold for mounting on either the 1-metre parapet or on the flat surface 7 metres high.
Access to the top floor (7 metres) of the Multi Modal Assessment Platform (MMAP).
7-metre x 7-metre surface area includes fall restraint anchors and removable balustrading.

Suited for

Advanced Scaffolding, Operation of a Swing Stage and Erect and Install a Swing Stage.


Package includes:

  • MMAP
  • Swing Stage
  • classroom


3 Metre wide twin motor swing stage 7 metres high



  • $275+GST for 1 full day.
  • Equipment only (no classroom) $200+GST for full day;
  • $120+GST for half day

As per our policy, Hot Leasing equipment-only hire is exclusively available to CTC tenants.

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