The Precinct

The Construction Training Centre is located on a 12 hectare site in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury.  We have a range of purpose built construction training facilities available for lease and also short term hire.  We have a building stock of 11 where a range of training activities take place. The site is structured around a busy central precinct, creating a campus-style hub of activity.

The Buildings

Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4:  These large segregated, but inter-connected, re-furbished open-plan workshops house a mixture of leasing tenants and short-term hire space and equipment. They are 9-14 metre high structures with 7 high roll steel shutters. The Hot Leasing facility, brand new in 2014 is located in Building 3 and 4, and also attached to these buildings is a single story office area with classrooms and amenities.

Building 6:  High bay (10 metre) web steel portal frame workshop area with attached single story office accommodation. Buildings 7, 8:  High bay, timber frame and truss workshop with high roll steel shutter. Two level office accommodation and connected amenities. Building 9:  Pre-fabricated single level office accommodation. Building 10:  Single level workshop with associated office / teaching area. Ian Barclay Building:  This the main building in the centre of the precinct; an architecturally designed 3 level office block housing a conference facility and café built in 2001. Other:  There are a number of smaller training buildings and demountables across the site. The precinct is bounded by Orrcon Steel workshops to the rear of the property, by Rocky Water Holes Creek to the North and the former Nyanda State High School to the South.

Campus Tours Of Our Leading Construction Training Facilities

The management team at the Construction Training Centre are more than happy to show guests around the site to see our equipment and purpose-built facilities. As soon as you arrive you will feel the excitement and inspiration of being part of such an innovative and dedicated industry ‘hub’. Whether you are looking for a new premises to deliver a short-term training course, or you are considering finding a new home for your training business, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6711.

Our Site

The Construction Training Centre is located on a 12 hectare site, has well-maintained buildings and gardens and offers plenty of off-site parking.  The precinct is structured around a busy central precinct, creating a campus-style hub of activity.

The System Cafe

The System Cafe is CTC’s on site cafe.

The cafe offers delicious food with a focus on healthy eating. Customers can enjoy excellent barista made from organic fair-trade coffee complimented by gluten, sugar & dairy free treats.

If it’s something more substantial you’re after, there’s a large variety of breakfast and lunch options including beef burgers, steak sandwiches on sourdough, bacon & egg breakfast rolls, salmon & veggie bagels, hearty soups and more. The emphasis is fresh, organic, locally sourced and nutritious food.

The System Cafe is able to cater for your dietary needs whether it’s for a small meeting with sandwiches to a much larger function in one of our training or conference rooms. Please contact the CTC team on 3216 6711 or for menu options.

Master Plan

The Precinct has a Master Plan that was developed with the assistance of renowned designers and town planners GHD. This broadly maps out the potential future development of the Centre to maintain its status as an important hub for building and construction training. The Master Plan has already achieved design approval through the Community Infrastructure Designation (CID) process meaning that the timeline for building from agreement with a potential tenant is a very short one. All Master Plans are by nature illustrative with iterations made during the design process.

However there are a number of principles that hold good and this is true of our Master Plan. These principles include:

  • Building to high sustainability standards either incorporating Green Star or matching Green Star standards;
  • Incorporating the concept of the Living Laboratory where the buildings will in themselves act as a training and education tool allowing students to interact with them to download data and understand new technology;
  • Focussing the southern section of the Precinct into more office-oriented training space
  • Focussing the central Precinct into more workshop space with latest thinking in terms of training and education space incorporated into the design;
  • Working closely with the intended tenant/s to design a space that meets their needs and incorporates the latest teaching and learning technology.

CTC has its own architect, environmental consultant and other design and engineering staff in place who are able to provide a design and build solution to exceed tenant expectations both in terms of design and timelines. CTC is happy to discuss solutions with potential tenants. If you are interested please contact Phil Diver, Chief Executive Officer on



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