RudTek has been in operation since 2008.  The company is owned by Cherie Rudzitis who is an active director and fulltime employee of the business. Cherie has been involved in VET for more than fifteen years, with extensive experience in managing Industry Training Advisory Boards (ITABs) and related business areas.  They deliver our program/s online and/or as a series of workshops where participants attend for the nominated duration plus workplace projects. Program participants will be provided with phone and email coaching support when completing their assessment tasks.

Their Online Learning Centre allows clients to have skilled employees learning in a faster, more flexible way.  The RudTek Online Learning Centre has been developed based on high quality RudTek content and training resources.  This means that clients still get the results without the downtime of traditional training.  Participants engage in live, trainer lead online tutorials and meetings; they collaborate, communicate online and make use of best practice forums.