Invitations for Expressions of Interest to operate the CTC Cafe

1. Background

The Construction Training Centre (CTC) is located on a 12 hectare site in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury.  We have a range of purpose built construction training facilities available for lease and also short term hire.  We have a total of 11 buildings where a range of training and commercial activities take place. The site is structured around a busy administration precinct, creating a campus-style hub of activity.

Centrally located in the administration hub of the precinct is the CTC Café (yellow circle).  The Café currently offers a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks and is very popular among our tenants and their students.  The CTC Café also provides a catering service for meetings, training courses, conferences and other corporate events.

Due to a change in circumstances, CTC management is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from potential new operators for the Café.  The successful applicants will be expected to show an affinity for and committed support of the CTC philosophy “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies”.  This philosophy includes providing healthy food that is of a high standard and priced competitively.

EOI’s should address the selection criteria in Section 7.

2. Contact person/s
Peter Walker
Mob: 0408 305 066

Phil Diver
Mob: 0423 282 542

3. CTC Philosophy

The Board and management of CTC operate the precinct as a service to the construction industry. This is done through the provision of facility leasing, both short and long term, primarily for the provision of construction skills training delivered by Registered Training Organisations.

A major part of CTC’s philosophy is to provide a facility that encourages the healthy development of both the mind and the body. For example, the facility boasts a fully equipped gym, a rest and reflection room and a private breast feeding room.

It is therefore important that any future operator of the Café do their bit to contribute to this philosophy. There are four core components to this:

1) A clear intention to provide healthy food. This would be demonstrated through the menu’s focus on healthy options and the look and feel of the café, particularly how the food is presented to customers. The encouragement of tenants and students to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing through healthy balanced nutrition at an affordable price

2) Fairness and Opportunity. Included in our philosophy is the fair treatment of workers and the ability for them to develop skills and realise their potential. Café staff must be direct employees of the Operator unless expressly agreed by CTC and there must be a commitment to upskilling and training. All obligations regarding employee entitlements must be paid in full and on time.

3) Safety and quality
Safe food practices must be paramount and the Operator must attain, maintain or improve on at least a 4 star rating from BCC. Quality will underpin the presentation of food and the attitude of the Café staff to their customers.

4) Reducing the environmental footprint
Where possible and practicable the Café will implement environmental initiatives that reduce food waste and packaging, recycle, reduce overall energy consumption, buy local where appropriate and participate in a surplus food social enterprise scheme.

4. Resources

The successful applicant will be provided with access to the following:

  • A fully operational Café including some fixed appliances to operate as a commercial venture under a lease agreement. The café is located on the main road into and out of the precinct.
  •  Approximately 200 permanently located tenants and staff.
  •  In addition to this approximately 200 students on site per day.
  •  The ability to undertake in-house and external catering income streams from the facility.
  •  Sole rights to food and beverage provision (aside from some small localised vending machines) across the Precinct i.e. no competing café or food truck service (on a few occasions, industry groups or associations, superannuation funds may provide a BBQ/sausage sizzle).
  •  Precinct facilities and health initiatives including 24/7 gymnasium, flu shots, hearing and skin tests etc.

5. Applicants outgoings

The successful operator will be required to meet the following expenses and/or conditions;

  • A minimal base rental with a provision to scale up determined by increased traffic flow. Base rental is subject to negotiation with the successful applicant.
  • Electricity
  • LP Gas
  • Waste trap cleaning
  • Insurances
  • Any equipment not already provided that is required to properly operate a food service Café. g., Commercial coffee machine.
  • Compliance with all Acts Regulations and Bylaws appropriate to operating a Café including but not limited to,
    • Employment of appropriately skilled and qualified staff
    • A commitment to ongoing training of all Cafe staff
    • Regulatory licensing
    • WH&S
    • Industrial relations
    • Fire safety
    • Maintaining a clean and healthy site both inside and in the immediate vicinity of the Café.

6. Equipment and incidentals

  • Minimum operating hours are Monday to Friday (excl public holidays) 7.00am to 2.00pm. Operation outside these hours is at the Operators discretion subject to discussions with the CTC.
  • Below is a full list of fixed appliances provided by CTC:
    Williams refrigerated cabinet;  Zeus heated display unit;   Bromic floor mounted freezer unit – large;   Waldorf deep fryer unit;   Waldorf range unit with flat plate & 4 burner cooktop; commercial kitchen exhaust fan;   Hot water system (new);   Norris BT600 Commerical dishwasher (new);   Stockpot S/Steel pots x 3.  8, 16, 20 ltr (new);   Roband GSA810S contact Grill/toaster (new);  Hamilton Beach BBT0650 tempest bar blender (new)

7. Selection Criteria

  • At least 2 years’ operating a café or restaurant with no regulatory breaches
  • Demonstrated experience in the provision of on and off-site catering, or the ability to provide catering
  • Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the provision of healthy food and beverage options
  • Demonstrates a clear commitment to the CTC philosophy of Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, or similar philosophy
  • Has no regulatory non-compliance matters outstanding either past, present or future including any industrial relations matters

8. Considerations

The successful applicant will be provided with the opportunity to participate in and contribute to any future development or improvements made to the Café including any such improvements being considered prior to the successful applicant taking over operations.

9. Closing date

This EOI will close at 5.00pm on Friday 30th March 2018. EOI’s received after this date will not be considered.

All applications should be addressed and sent via email to:

Construction Training Centre



10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Location for Your RTO

There’s no denying the registered training organisation (RTO) market is a crowded one.  How can you make your business stand out from others? A poor choice of location could see prospective students choosing another RTO, even though the training you offer is superior.

We’ve chosen 10 reasons why we believe locating your business at a specialist training centre will help your business grow.

  1. Parking

What – too lowbrow? Having free and ample car parking capable of accommodating 100’s of cars a day means that all staff and students on any given day can park safely and securely on site. Gold! Try matching that in the CBD? Your students will thank you for the money they will save on parking fees and the flexibility of driving to their training.

  1. Value for Money

How reasonable is your rent and is your lease agreement easy to manage based on gross rental payments? In other words, what you see in your lease is what you pay? Or are there hidden outgoing amounts (apart from electricity which is pretty standard). A specialist training precinct such as The Construction Training Centre adopts a collaborative leasing approach to work with their tenant partners, because your continued success is there’s too.

  1. Close to the CBD

No-one wants to be far from the action but being in town is a real hassle. See number 1 above for example! CTC’s precinct in Salisbury is ideally located for inter-connectivity (little wonder it’s a hub for major logistics companies), and it’s close to public transport for the environmentally minded as well.

  1. Large Campus style facilities

When you have a large precinct you need space to breathe. Plenty of green space gives a feeling of a relaxed but well-maintained training hub, with purpose-built campus style facilities. It’s an attractive place to attend and do business and the amenities reflect the large numbers who can be in attendance at any one time.

  1. On Site Café

A vibrant café on site will stop your students wandering off at breaks. In this day and age where worker well-being is considered important, the Café should offer healthier choices to help address poor nutrition and obesity among workers. CTC has worked with the on-site Café to provide calorie and nutrition information on menu options to help workers make healthier choices. An on-site café should also provide in-house catering if you offer this to your students.

  1. Dark Fibre

Sorry…dark what? That’s code for uber-fast internet connection. In the future you won’t be able to do business without it. A state of the art training precinct should offer this to their tenants to future proof your business.

  1. Concierge Services

The Precinct Management Office at a specialised training centre might offer additional services to make life easier for you – not a hotel but as helpful as any front desk! Do they collect your mail from the local post office and deliver to your door? Do they accept courier deliveries on your behalf? Some might even have a Justice of the Peace on site – how convenient would that be?

  1. Their place – your brand

You want your brand to be easy to find – whether it be through signage or via a Google search. A specialised training centre should make it easier for your customers to find you with effective way-finding signage. And  a web portal from their website to your business focused on helping your business to grow.

  1. Safe and Secure

Everyone knows the benefits of being certified to the well-known international standards for quality, safety and the environment. It’s difficult and costly for a small business to achieve this, but you want to know that your landlord is across this for the safety and well-being of your staff.  What assurance is there that your landlord is on top of safety, quality and environmental issues? A triple ISO certified and externally audited management system is a robust means of underpinning the everyday activities and your precinct management team should be responsive in terms of safety, compliance and meeting your needs as a customer.

  1. Caring about your talent

Attracting, then retaining good staff is one of the greatest challenges of business owners today. Competing with much larger organisations can be hard. A Training Precinct should be looking to provide added value to your business in the ‘talent stakes’ like a competitively priced 24/7 gym with twice weekly boot camps, a relaxation and reflection room with sleep centre, free library and journal club, free annual skin checks, flu jabs and hearing tests on top of lifestyle initiatives like annual nutrition challenge and quarterly bio-scans. In such a case you know your workplace will compete with the best ‘big end of town’ can throw at you. The extra cost? Well at top quality training precincts just expect this to be within the overall competitive rental envelope.

By now you will have worked out that CTC’s purpose-built facility in Salisbury offers everything any organisation or individual worker could need to conduct or participate in specialist industry training … in one place.

So if you need the complete leasing package, try us by calling us on 07 3216 6711 or email Not quite big or established enough to take out a lease? Call us about our award-winning disruption called Hot Leasing or short-term conference and training room hire. We have all bases covered.