CTC’s COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives immeasurably, and we are thinking of everyone adversely affected by the virus. CTC remains open and in operation, however we have put in place multiple precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, tenants and visitors.

A team of rotational cleaners have been employed to clean all communal spaces, door handles and reception areas. We are enforcing all government regulations regarding social distancing (1.5m outdoors, 4 square meters indoors) within both our tenanted areas and communal spaces. We are doing this mostly through signage, and occasionally by sticking any violators at the top of the scissor lift for an hour to think about the impact their actions will have on the rest of society (just joking of course – we’d never dream of contravening our responsibilities around workplace health and safety even with the most recalcitrant of physical distancing offenders!)

Our onsite café is still operating, but in accordance with government regulations, for take-away only. Thankfully they’re still producing caramel slice, so not all hope has been lost yet.

We have some “at-risk” staff members working from home to ensure the safety of both their physical and mental health, with a skeleton staff remaining on site to manage day-to-day operations (and to eat the caramel slice).

Whilst safety obviously remains our number one priority, maintaining morale throughout such a turbulent time has been of similar importance to us. Without a functioning team, we are unable to help anyone else, or continue to effectively run the precinct. That’s why we’ve put in place several measures to keep spirits up.

Things like daily Zoom meetings have been really helpful to catch up with all the working-from-home pet dogs. Sorry, I mean to catch up with the working-from-home-staff. Even though we may be physically separated, these meetings ensure we are actually more connected than ever and able to provide support, feedback and fill everyone in on coronavirus updates and precinct shenanigans. It’s a total bonus that these meetings also provide great inspiration for future interior decorating projects, as we get a glimpse into converted spare rooms, lounge rooms and home offices (Lynn has a great collection of frangipani art we have since discovered).

We also do a PASO every morning (Public Address Shout Out) to provide a precinct-wide COVID-19 update. At the beginning of the address, a corona-related song is played, for which we have been taking requests across the precinct (think: Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police or Catch My Disease by Ben Lee). It has become a well-loved tradition on site, although obviously everyone tunes in purely for the corona update and the song is completely irrelevant. After all, we’re a training precinct, not a nightclub. Although now that you mention it, STORY Flexible Workspaces would look good with a few disco balls on the ceiling …

We understand that this pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and CTC is doing our best to keep everyone as safe and as positive as we can. We’ll keep you updated as our measures adapt in accordance with the changing situation. In the meantime, for more advice:

Queensland Government Novel-19 Coronavirus website

Australian Government COVID-19 Health 

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