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The Construction Training Centre (CTC) is a resource hub for the building and construction industry.

Our unique facility offers everything that any organisation or individual worker could need to conduct, or participate in, specialist industry training … in one place.

Our mission is to equip people with the skills they need for the future, to develop the QLD building and construction industry with the highest quality workforce and specialist knowledge.

Our tenants, partners, workers, and staff are part of an industry based community that benefits from direct access to progressive, world class training facilities and equipment. We actively facilitate partnerships for future collaboration among the community and encourage the shared utilisation of specialist resources to maximise potential and minimise wastage.

Since our commencement in 1994, The Construction Training Centre (CTC) is increasingly regarded a valuable industry asset, a ‘one stop shop’ and first choice location for training. We play host to a broad range of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) and commercial organisations in the building and construction industry; some through flexible short term hire, and some through long term tenancies.
Located 11 km from the Brisbane CBD in Salisbury, The Construction Training Centre is easily accessible to workers participating in industry training courses through frequent public transport links. We also provide ample off street parking and campus style facilities, such as a vibrant café in our central precinct.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to developing the building and construction industry by breaking down barriers to entry and implementing market leading initiatives such as Hot Leasing, setting the benchmark for others to follow. Launched in 2014, Hot Leasing provides RTO’s delivering high risk work licensing and safety training with a highly flexible, low risk and cost effective solution to deliver their programmes according to their own schedule.

Founded on the site that was home to the construction of Brisbane’s renowned Story Bridge, The Construction Training Centre takes pride in its deep roots within the building and construction industries, and aims to remain a leader in the evolution of the industry for years to come.

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