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Trevor Torrens wins Corporate Governance Prize

Congratulations to Trevor Torrens, General Manager of The Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) who is the inaugural winner of The Construction Training Centre’s “Chris Barnard Memorial Corporate Governance Prize“. The prize gave Trevor the opportunity to attend the JB Were Social Leadership Program conducted by Harvard Business School. Pictured here with Helen Barnard and CEO…Read More

Fad Diets … dispelling the myths

CTC’s Safety Seminar on 23rd May focused on Fad Diets – how to sort fact from fiction. Louise Cato, Sports Dietitian with corporate health provider Body Plan took the audience through a range of currently popular diets. Her goal was not to bust diets, but to highlight the pros and cons and things to be aware…Read More

Invitations for Expressions of Interest to operate the CTC Cafe

1. Background The Construction Training Centre (CTC) is located on a 12 hectare site in the Brisbane suburb of Salisbury.  We have a range of purpose built construction training facilities available for lease and also short term hire.  We have a total of 11 buildings where a range of training and commercial activities take place. The site is structured around…Read More

Safety Seminar about Incident Investigation

The Incident Cause Assessment Methodology (ICAM) is now globally recognised as a peak incident investigation methodology and is widely used in industry for safety related incidents. Many concepts such as the Swiss Cheese Model, Active and Latent Failures etc. have now become part of the safety vocabulary of incident investigation. Numerous industries and many major construction and resources clients…Read More