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Committee formed to fund-raise for charity

Recently, a number of people raised the idea of forming a committee, with representation from various CTC tenants, that would organise precinct-wide fundraising events. We thought this was a great idea and consequently agreed to sponsor a fundraising/social committee to make it happen. Staff from three tenants immediately signed up – and with Lynn from CTC, began planning their first…Read More

Phil Diver celebrates 10 years at the helm of CTC

Phil Diver reached an important milestone last week when he celebrated 10 years as CEO of CTC. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil for the whole 10 years, having started with CTC the previous year in 2005. It’s been a great journey watching and being part of the centre “pivoting” (as Phil describes…Read More

Safety Series Seminar focuses on Materials and Personnel Hoists

The latest in the series of Safety Seminars was held in CTC’s Hot Leasing facility on Wednesday, 25th May. Around 60 people representing various sectors attended the seminar which highlighted safety issues and concerns around Materials and Personnel Hoists. Industry experts Stuart Davis, Principal Adviser from Workplace Health & Safety Queensland and Dave Van Der Poel, QLD/NT…Read More

CTC Launches Build Fitness – a 24/7 Gym for Workers at CTC and much more too

On Thursday, 24th March 2016, The Construction Training Centre (CTC) launched Build Fitness – a gym that can be accessed 24/7 by all eligible workers who are employed at the centre. Build Fitness builds on other worker well-being initiatives implemented by CTC such as group fitness sessions, health screening, healthy options at the cafe and quit smoking support. These are…Read More

The Whole-Hearted You

We have put a lot of thought into the concept that underlies the gym wanting to focus on the whole person and just not the physical aspect. There is no better reflection of our thinking than the logo. It is, after all, like our shop window and it provides an idea of ‘what’s inside the…Read More