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Read our Annual Report

On behalf of the Board and Management of The Construction Training Centre, I am pleased to present the Annual Report for 2014/2015. A $498,000 profit was returned which is an increase of 83% over the previous financial year. This result reflects the good governance of our Board and executive management team. The general economic climate is still challenging…Read More

Crane Safety Seminar at CTC

The latest in CTC’s Safety Series Seminars was held in the Hot Leasing facility  on Wednesday, 25th November.  The topic this time was crane safety – what you should look out for when visiting a site where cranes are operating and what your workplace health and safety obligations are. CTC was fortunate to have two industry experts…Read More

Outstanding Achievement Award winner visits Hot Leasing

Congratulations to Amanda Pennycook, winner of the prestigious Judges’ Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2015 CSQ Excellence Awards held recently. Amanda joined the industry in 1988 as a gyprock plasterer working alongside her father. After 7 years of plastering she decided to reskill herself and try her hand at rendering and painting. Since then she has worked on over…Read More

CTC Tenant Staff Choose a Charity

CTC has a number of food and beverage vending machines around the site which are operated by Coca-Cola Amatil. CTC is paid a commission on the net sales revenue generated by the sale of products from the vending machines. Each year, CTC pays the entire commission from the vending machines to a charity. The previous charity chosen to receive the commission…Read More

The Share Economy

Collaborative consumption, the share economy, the peer economy, Hot Leasing — whatever you want to call it — this concept is driving smart business decisions. The concept most simply means owners rent out their resources or assets that they’re not using. The best known example of this is Airbnb who have provided users with a…Read More