Safety Seminar – Danger Sun Overhead

On Wednesday, 28th November we hosted a Safety Seminar which dealt with the dangers of sun exposure at work.

Guest speaker was Jo Crotty, founder of Danger Sun Overhead, a nationally recognised education program that has become an industry leader in the provision of skin cancer awareness, education and advocacy services.

Jo shared the alarming statistics that melanoma is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young Australians. Of the estimated 14,320 Australians that will be diagnosed with the disease in 2018, it is expected that about 1,900 will lose their battle.  Two in three Australians were diagnosed with some form of skin cancer by the time they reach 70 years old. (Cancer Australia 2017 and Cancer Council 2017)

Danger Sun Overhead’s education program aims to target high-risk industries and help reduce the impact of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers in all Australians.  Services offered include:

  • Full workshop – 45 minute interactive workshop to educate on the dangers of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, safety guidelines, understanding the UV index, prevention measures, importance of early detection, understanding heat stress and support available to melanoma patients and families.
  • Toolbox talks – workplaces can choose from various topics to address specific sun safety concerns.
  • On site skin checks
  • On Site Compliance Officer – half day training where participants learn how to monitor and measure sun safe policies.
  • On Site signage and merchandise – Sunscreen stations, sun safe signage, hard hat stickers to help promote sun safe behaviours in the workplaces.
  • Conference speaking and exhibiting

The key take away points from the seminar were:

  • Prevention is the best cure for melanoma and other skin cancers
  • The importance of reviewing and reinforcing existing sun safe policies in the workplace
  • Education detection gives you the best chance
  • Training and education is key.

Jo stayed after the seminar to chat more with CTC’s Pam Anderson about her work with Danger Sun Overhead.

Listen here to the podcast: Precinct Perspective Podcast Episode about Sun Safety

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